About the Artist

Thanks for reading.

So, I was born 1961, grew up and lived most of my life in Gaythorne, Mitchelton, and Paddington in northside Brisbane. I also spent much time on the Sunshine Coast as a mad keen surfer, including living and working there for several years.

I currently live in Agnes Water, (arriving late 2009), operating a small business with my wife Lisa. Together, we have three adult sons. When I completed school, I was blessed to have had three years at the Seven Hills College of Art in Brisbane, to gain a Diploma of Visual Communications. I then worked as a graphic artist for the printing and advertising industries, including my first job at a startup newspaper in Nambour. Eventually, in 1991, I decided to take the financial risk, and began working as a professional artist, producing and selling my artworks. Initially, I had a contract with an Ashgrove Real Estate Agency, to provide black and white drawings of their listings. This gave me great practice at drawing wonderful old houses in the vicinity. I felt a connection with these images, as I had always lived in houses of that era. I began working with these images to produce serigraphs, pastel drawings and paintings to sell, and did so for nearly a decade, with great support from Lisa.

With three growing sons, a mortgage, and all the other family and household financial reasons, a regular, reliable income became the priority. During the 2000's (instead of getting sensible jobs), Lisa and I took on the challenge and 'bought, renovated and sold' a dozen houses around Mitchelton, Everton and Stafford areas. This was quite a physical endeavour, as we did most of the work ourselves. During this time I was privileged to have 8 seasons as a junior and youth AFL coach, at Ferny Grove Falcons, with our sons all playing through the club. I played AFL as a kid and teenager, so I became a coach the usual way, nobody else wanted the job!

In 2010, we created a small hotel and a tourist retail shop in coastal Agnes Water. The early years here were hard yards, and eventually we found a rhythm and balance. During all this time, my art production was limited, but I did find quite a creative outlet in the projects we did.

In recent times, I have found the time and space to explore my artwork again, and have been quite busy, and loving it! I intend to produce much more, so if you like my work, please stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram, (that means - follow my pages ... Kent Barton Artist).

"Whether the setting is urban, coast or country, I like to find the simple moments that capture the essence of place. I have been creating art for so long, my earlier artwork, which was contemporary at the time, has drifted into nostalgic. Oh, how quickly things change. Every artwork that I produce is 'what I like', and I hope you like it too".

 Then and now. Above, that's me producing the edition 'Backstreet Shuffle' (silkscreen print) in the 90's. Below, me in 2021, looking pensive.