When your prints arrive

I am always pleased when someone decides they want to live with my pictures on their walls, so ... thank you!

When your prints arrive, be careful with them! While the 250gsm paper is substantial, when handling the larger sizes in particular, avoid twisting and kinking the paper. Look at them, adore them, but don't hold a glass of red wine over them, it is paper, (clean table and clean hands is a given), then put them back in the packaging to protect and transport to your picture framer.

But, what if the prints arrive and the packaging is damaged? If the packaging is damaged to the point, where you think it could have damaged the print, take a photo of the damaged package BEFORE OPENING. When opened, and if there is damage to the print, also take a photo of the damaged print, and contact me ASAP. I will need the photos to make a claim and get new prints to you quickly. This is a very rare occurrence due to the sturdy packaging used. The smaller sizes - A3 and A2 are packaged flat, the larger A1 is sent in a large tube.

Now the framing. Some people have a strong idea of what they want with their picture framing, and most don't. I struggle with choosing matt board colours and frames, so I simplify it to a more classic combination. I choose a matt board that is white, but a slightly darker white than the print paper. The frame is always timber or black. But, if you have a vision, always follow your vision, go for it! Framing prices can vary widely, so you can get a ballpark price off a few framers, by telling them the print sizes you are getting. Another option is to look online for pre-made frames in 'A sizes' or at Ikea etc. My tip: get it framed by a professional.

The window cut in your matt board should display the 'title line' and some breathing space around the other 3 sides. .... as shown in the picture below.

You can vary the appearance and size of the art on the wall, by choosing a wider matt board. This can look quite dramatic, but will cost more.

Take your time when choosing the framing, it is the other part of the whole, and getting it right, will make you happy for much longer. Maybe forever!

Nothing looks quite as good on the wall, as a professionally framed print.

Your prints are produced with archival inks, on quality paper, which give them a long life. Avoid hanging pictures in areas with moisture, or where they cop direct sunlight or strong reflected sunlight, (off tile floors etc.)

The window cut in your matt board (shown as grey), should display the 'title line' and some breathing space around the other 3 sides.